Help for compliance with speed limits.

        1. The cruise control is designed to control vehicle speed.
                     The accelerator can increase the speed of the vehicle but you must disable the cruise control to reduce speed
                     The cruise control allows to memorize a single speed.


By allowing the storage of different speeds (50, 70, 90, 110, ...) the cruise control could have better assist drivers to respect speed limits


        2. The GPS knows :      
- The location of the vehicle.
- The vehicle speed.
- The speed limit local.


By combining the information provided by GPS and cruise control, the regulator can control the hardness of a variable point on the accelerator pedal to make drivers aware that they exceeds the local speed limit, without having to monitor the speedometer dashboard




          3. The vehicle computer could, with information provided by GPS, manage and optimize energy consumption:
- Empty the reserve energy of the high pressure hydraulic accumulator when approaching a slope down or a expected slowdown
                         - Fill the high pressure accumulator to the approach of a climb..